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Hi, my name is Rob. I have over 10 years experience in photography and a Diploma in Professional Photography, in the workshop I will show you how to get out of automatic mode! You will learn how to use your camera and most importantly how to get the type of photo you want. Create an image, don't just take a photo that's my motto.

Day Rate Pricing

Non Refundable Booking Fee: $50

Total Day Rate $550 (Minus the Booking Fee)

About The Day Rate

The day rate is one flat price that covers the Full Day Workshop. On the day, we will cover from Automatic Mode to Full Manual Mode, see list below. The Day Rate is based on an 8hr day.

Terms and Conditions

The remaining amount ($500) will be due 2 days before the workshop. If you are unable to make the workshop, the booking fee will not be refunded, however the full remaining amount will be promptly refunded to a single person. If I am unable to make the workshop for any reason you will be 100% refunded. The total price may be split up amongst participants, however only one participant to make the full payment. If you know others that would like to do a photography workshop, this is a great opportunity to save money by splitting the cost.

Purpose of The Workshop

To teach you the fundamentals of photography and inspire your creativity, so you will be able to go out and capture your own amazing images.

What You Will Learn

* Camera Settings

* How To Use Your Timer

* Picture Control


* Retouch Menu

* White Balance

* Rotate Tall

* Focus Points

* How To Format Your Memory Card

* Information Screen

* Auto Focus Modes

* Area Focus Modes

* Dynamic Auto Focus Modes

* Auto Focus Area Modes in Live View

* How To Shoot in P Mode

* What is the Shutter?

* How Shutter Speed Works

* What is Aperture

* How to use Aperture

* What is ISO

* How to use ISO

* Exposure Compensation

* How to use the Pop Up Flash

* Flash Compensation

* Lens Functions

* Common Issues with the Lenses and how to fix them

 * How to shoot in Aperture Priority Mode

* How to shoot in Shutter Priority Mode

* Metering Modes

* How to shoot in Full Manual Mode

* Types of Composition

* Good Photography Accessories

What To Bring

One DSLR (any brand) with any kind of lens, memory card, water and notepad. 

Extras To Bring

Tripod, ND Filter, Polarising Filter, additional lenses.



* Wellington Point

* Kangaroo Point

* Lake Moogerah


Monday to Sunday 9am - 9pm

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