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1 on 1 Beginner Photography Workshops

Hi, my name is Rob. I have over 10 years experience in photography and a Diploma in Professional Photography, in the workshop I will show you how to get out of automatic mode! You will learn how to use your camera and most importantly how to get the type of photo you want. Create an image, don't just take a photo that's my motto.

1. Choose Your Preferred Workshop Duration

* 2 hours $99.95

* 4 hours $199.95

* 8 hours $399.95

2. Choose A Style Of Workshop

* Animal and Wildlife

* Astronomy

* Cityscapes

* Countryside

* Seascapes

* Waterfall

* Or pick your own

3. Email Through Your Choices

Please Include:



Date Preferred

Time Preferred


Workshop Availability Monday to Sunday (Subject to availability)

More About The Workshops

Purpose of The Workshop

To teach you the fundamentals of photography and inspire your creativity, so you will be able to go out and capture your own amazing images.

What You Will Learn

Composition: The Rule Of Thirds

Using Leading Lines

Colour and Symmetry



Shutter Speed

The Exposure Triangle

White Balance

Metering Modes

Shutter Priority Mode

Aperture Priority Mode

The Histogram

What is Bokeh? 

Fill in Flash

Long Exposure 

And much more, depending on your selection of workshop.

Outcome Of The Workshop

After the workshop you will be able to apply what you have learnt towards your style of photography based on the workshop that was selected.


These workshops are one on one. 

What To Bring

One DSLR (any brand) with any kind of lens, memory card, water and notepad. 

Extras To Bring

Tripod, ND Filter, Polarising Filter, additional lenses.


Terms & Conditions

* Full payment required at time of booking. 

* No cancellations apart from severe weather (if this occurs you will be fully refunded, or a new date will be chosen) 

* Photographer does reserve the right to cancel the workshop if required, fully refunded. 

* 4hr workshop includes a 15min break for facilitator. 8hr workshop includes 30min break for facilitator. 

* Workshop locations can include Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. One location per workshop. * Required: Basic knowledge of how to navigate through your cameras menu/settings.

Participants Feedback

Lynne L

"Thank you so much for an amazing workshop" 

Karyn C

"Thank you for your time, I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop."

Michelle M

"Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge. Found setting I didn’t know existed. Looking forward to experimenting / practicing more."

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