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The question I ask Jess was "What are three attributes that you believe make a compelling photo?".

Jess Lizzie Nicole (JB)


Three attributes: personality, brightness and contrast. I love photos that are really dramatic and colourful. At first I find it hard to get potential in an image but after a while and a bit of editing I can picture the story behind the elements. I love to bring together more than one image to build it up. Colour and lighting are also fun to play around with and switching perspective!! Sometimes the weird stuff is the best stuff. You got to make it your own! I’ve tried really hard lately... To make things my own and I’ve finally developed my own style and it makes it way more fun to play around and have a vision.



The question I ask Nancy was "What are three attributes that you believe make a compelling photo?".

Nancy Branston 


Obviously choice of subject matter is primarily important to connect the viewers interest.

Personally in my images I find composition, colour and light to be the dominating factors in an interesting image. I would have to say light being the most important factor...

The most beautiful scene or subject can appear flat or lacklustre in the wrong lighting…whereas the simplest of subjects can leap of the print or screen under use of dramatic light…Different qualities of light to create different moods...temperature, direction, diffusion...

I tend to capture a lot of seascapes, in my favourite haunts, but always look for new perspectives with an interesting foreground subject, whether it be a surfer contemplating the waves or a tiny shell clinging to a rock. I love colour in my images and the vibrancy of our skies at sunset and sunrise provide the perfect canvas...

My editing style often leans toward Impressionistic and painterly, a process I find very creative and enjoyable. When I am capturing a scene, I often envisage the edit I plan to make.

I know some photographers tut-tut about editing, claiming a true photograph must come SOOC, but photography is an art form, and it is each photographers personal vision of that scene... it is their artistic choice to explore and create something unique!


The question I ask Dave was "What are three attributes that you believe make a compelling photo?".

Dave Bromell


The 1st thing I look for is the subject and how the light is hitting it. I like to attempt to do a different angle than most others. Sometimes I will lie on the ground and look up to see how the light is hitting the subject.

The 2nd thing that I do is adapt the camera settings and do a few test shots. I ask myself do I want a dark or light photo? A lot of the time I find I will use a tripod so the image is clear. I am starting to change the white balance as It can change the whole out look of the photo. I might take multiple photos but each with a different white balance.

The 3rd thing that is important to me is the edit. It is always great when you get the perfect shot with out having to edit, but sometimes I will use 2 or more photos to make a compelling photo. The photo I did of the blood moon was 5 photos put together to make one. I took a base photo of the water and moon, then added 4 photos of the moon at different stages. So I guess it important to think as you take the photo of what you hope to achieve.

One of my favourite rules is “ To always use your own Imagination “


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