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Surrounded by Horses - May 2018

I was invited to up to a farm in the countryside of Berat, Queensland to capture some Highland Cows for my animals prints and stock photos. It was Sarah's farm and property, she said she had some amazing horses, cows and land that I could take photos of. It was a 2hr drive from my place so a bit of a drive, I hadn't been to that area before and ended up getting to the location at around 2pm. I didn't see the animals for a while but decided to go for a wonder around the land. I saw some cows in the distance and an amazing windmill so went for a walk.

I approached the cows slowly and was amazed. I hadn't seen them in person before. Such amazing coats, thick long hair and large horns. I slowly approached and they started to run off, from then on it was a waiting game to capture them, mostly using my Nikon 70mm-200 zoom to try and get some shots along with burst mode. It's tricky because I always prefer to use manual mode but this time had to switch between from manual to shutter priority.

While photographing the amazing Highland Cows from a far, approx 10 horses started coming toward me, they were not shy at all! The horses pretty much came up and started sniffing my face and neck. So at this time I was surrounded by horses, most of them seemed young and would randomly jump, kick and flinch so I had to be aware. I'd been around a couple of horses at a time before, but so many of them make you feel small very quickly. I had around 6 horse heads smelling me, gently chewing on my shoelaces and backpack. It was awesome and a bizarre experience. I am a huge animal lover so it was totally fine..

For the next three hours while focusing on capturing photos of the cows, I had a consistent trail of horses following me at every step. If I stopped, I got more and more sniffing and chewing haha so it was really a game of chase.

I also met three amazing dogs, a pony and a cheeky chicken. It was an amazing afternoon. I am very grateful for the experience, thank you Sarah + Cows + Horses + Dogs and Cheeky Chicken.

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