About Me - Rob D
  • Rob D is an Australian based photographer from Brisbane City capturing Nature, Seascape, Animal, Wildlife and Microstock Photography as well as Videography. By capturing the natural elements and using a lighting combination, along with composition and artistry, Rob recreates what nature offers into photographic imagery. He's technique is to explore, capture and create. He regularly provides photography services to a range of clients throughout Australia and internationally as well through his stock photography platforms.

Rob D

Professional Photographer and Videographer

Nature | Travel

The Overview 

My name is Rob D, I am a Professional Photographer from Australia. I have a passion for nature and travel and enjoy capturing the beauty that mother nature has to offer. I like to challenge myself by adopting new and different techniques. I find this helps me grow as an artist and keeps my passion thriving.

The Beginning 

I always wanted to be a photographer when I was younger, however, I started late having only got my first camera at the age of 24, it was a Nikon D5000 kit. Like most newbies, I tried a bit of everything including portraits, automotive, commercial, pet portraits and more but found that I was always drawn to nature.


I am mainly self taught and have been actively practicing photography and videography since my mid 20's, however, I have completed a diploma in Professional Photography from the Photography Institute of Australia.

Helping Others 

I enjoy teaching photography and have facilitated many workshops over the years and produced several how-to tutorial videos. I find it exciting when a student learns a new technique or how to troubleshoot what they are trying to capture, it is always very rewarding.

The Business Side 

I have been offering my photography and videography to license as royalty free and rights managed for many years now both directly and through the top stock agencies and even though the stock/license business has changed I still enjoy seeing others utilise my art around the world. I also offer fine art prints, wall art and keepsakes worldwide, what a great feeling to have a customer hang your artwork on their wall.

My Dream 

Since starting photography I have had one dream and that is to be one of Australia's leading photographers in my field. When I see Australian photography pioneers still leading the way after so many years in the industry, this in turn continually inspires my passion to work hard and reach my goal.

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