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My name is Rob D and I am a Professional Photographer and Videographer from Australia. I have a diverse portfolio including, but not limited to: landscape, wildlife, seascape, stock photography, portrait and commercial. By capturing the natural elements and using a lighting combination, along with composition and artistry, I am able to recreate what nature offers into photographic imagery. My technique is to explore, capture and create. I regularly provide photography services to a range of clients throughout Australia and internationally as well through my stock photography and print platforms.

My primary focus is to create images that offer a spectacular visual experience for every lover of landscape and nature photography to enjoy. As a business owner and photographer that has completed a Diploma in Professional Photography at the Photography Institute in Australia, I have a passion for great outdoor and nature sites in general.

I see photography as a means of communicating my view of the world around us. Like most other landscape and nature photographers in the country, I am drawn to Australian waterscapes, countryside and wildlife. With a variety of marvellous climates and landscapes, Australia remains a top location for outdoor enthusiasts and nature photography.

Most of my photography work is driven by my quest for simplicity and purity. This has led to the development of tons of impressionistic pictures series. I view a camera simply as equipment for capturing and recording any image I would like to obtain. This philosophy extends to my view of computers and software. To me, what is regarded as vital is the perfect tool to help me reach my photography and artistry goals.

Over the years, I have used a range of cameras to work including medium format cameras, and more recently Nikon’s D800. The important thing is that they help me reach my goals.

Many individuals speak of creative photography with nice words like soul, feeling, mood, passion, and spark. I see these as great words to relate to the concept of creativity. For myself, creativity implies that you have created or added an extra something to image or scene.

I continue to share my passion for photography on my website with everyone who loves my style. You will find most of my best images captured at different locations in Australia and other places on my website. I am a modern day nature photographer that wants to share my passion for waterscape, wildlife, countryside and stock photography along with videography.

I hope you enjoy what I have created.

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