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Digital Photography - The Fundamentals For Beginners

The purpose of this course is to teach you the fundamentals of photography, give you the tools to create breathtaking images, inspire your creativity and to teach you to create an image rather than simply just take a photo.

In this course you will learn

* What is ISO and how to use it

* What is Shutter Speed and how to use it

* What is Aperture and how to use it 

* What is the The Exposure Triangle? 

* What is the Histogram and how to use it

* What is White Balance and how to use it

* Different Types Of Camera Modes 

* Different Types of Metering Modes 

* Different Types of Compositions

* Real Life Examples

* and much more!

Waterfall Photography For Beginners

In this course you will learn 

* How to take amazing waterfall photos

* Long Exposure Photography 

* What gear is required for Waterfall and Long Exposure Photography

* When to use a Polarising Filter

* When to use an ND Filter

* What is the Exposure Triangle 

* What is the Histogram

* What is White Balance and how is it used?

* How to use Semi Automatic Modes

* Different types of Compositions.

* and much more!

I have developed this course for the Beginner Photographer that is looking to learn more about photography and understand how to create an amazing image and not just take a photo. What to look for and how to adjust your camera for the right settings.

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