Rob D - Professional Photographer and Videographer

Rob D

My name is Rob D and I am an Australian Professional Photographer with a diverse portfolio including but not limited to landscape, wildlife, seascape, portrait, commercial and stock photography.

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Portrait and Commercial Photography

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Photography Workshops

I will show you how to get out of automatic mode! You will learn how to use your camera and most importantly how to get the type of photo you want. Create an image, don't just take a photo that's my motto. Learn more

Photography Tours

A photography tour is a great experience perfect for tourists or locals that want to get out and see sites a little differently. You will learn the fundamentals of photography, how to create the type of photos you want to capture and at the same time explore popular sites and secret spots. Learn more

Photography Courses

I have developed these courses for the Beginner Photographer that is looking to learn more about photography and understand how to create an amazing image and not just take a photo. What to look for and how to adjust your camera for the right settings. Learn more

Video Tutorials

My videos tutorials are perfect for Beginner, Hobbyist and Amateur Photographers. I hope you learn a lot of useful tips, please leave a comment with reviews and suggestions for future videos. Watch now

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